Salty Salad but Excellent Cassoulet @ West End Deli, West Perth, W.A.

Last weekend, A and I decided to visit an old favourite for breakfast. West End Deli is close to our house and features bistro food in a renovated corner deli in West Perth. We typically head to West End Deli to pick up one of there fabulous baguettes, which are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside but it had been a while since our last visit for breakfast.

There was a short wait for a table, which was surprising seeing as though the outside tables were empty due to the cold weather. Once we sat down we ordered two coffees to start with, as well as a slice of their banana bread ($3) to share. The banana bread was made with real bananas and you could taste them through the mushiness and sweetness of the bread. A really liked it and definitely thought it was one of the highlights of our meal. The coffees were made well, however the Vittoria blended coffee isn’t our particular favourite blend of coffee.

A ordered the Scrambled eggs on baguette (the other options are poached, fried or slow cooked eggs on toast) ($12) with a side order of Black Bean Cassoulet ($9). While we were in Paris, A introduced me to Cassoulet, which is a rich casserole type dish made with meat and typically white beans. The baguette was really soft and the cassoulet was the standout for A.

I ordered the WEST END steak and mushroom pie, served with spicy tomato relish and house made salad ($14). The WEST END steak and mushroom pie was really nice, with the pastry flaky and filling perfectly seasoned and large bits of mushroom and steak evident. Unfortunately, the side salad had leaves which were really salty and it made me feel a little queasy afterwards. I’ve realised in the last week that my body doesn’t seem to respond to salt very well, after the recent trip to The Precinct and their salty Banoffee Pie having a similar effect on my body.

The service on the day was a bit disappointing. Our waitress forgot to provide us with cutlery and once our food was delivered we then had to flag her down, ask for cutlery and it took a few minutes for her to return. She was also a little unfriendly which was another aspect of the service that was disappointing.

I will return to the West End Deli, mainly for their baguettes and amazing banana bread. A and I both mentioned that the West End Deli would be an excellent venue to frequent in the warmer months, as half of their menu is dedicated to beverages, including the WEST END vanilla latte (cinnamon, espresso and milk, plunged with a marshmellow), the Ginger Beer (made with fresh lime, mint, ginger and sparkling water) and the WEST END iced tea that comes in cranberry, cinnamon and star anise or vanilla flavours. These beverages sound delicious!

Regardless of my salty salad and the fragmented service, I would still recommend a visit to West End Deli for their bistro influenced menu.

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