Scoopon Disaster @ The Byrneleigh, Nedlands, WA

Even though we were there on a scoopon deal, we did expect better. My partner and I were looking forward to dining at this venue before the scoopon deal came out, so it was a bonus to dine here on the cheap. Thankfully, this was so, as I would be even more disappointed if I had to pay full price.

Firstly, the house bubbles was completely flat. Big no-no.

Secondly, we seemed to be harassed to place our order with our waitress.

Thirdly, there was no water delivered to our table, even after we asked.

My fourth issue was the food provided on the tasting plate. The squid on the tasting plate was quite good. Not too chewy and the batter was light and flavoursome with a perfect amount of salt. The rest of the food was not good quality. Yes, I understand that you are providing food to scoopon customers who haven’t quite paid you an exurbanant amount of money – however, if you are going to serve fatty meat, maybe consider leaving it off the menu. Also, drain and quickly wash the brine off the olives before placing them on a tasting plate.

When it came to the mains, the only thing I seemed inclined to was the steak burger. Unfortunately, this is my fifth complaint. The meat was really awful quality and should not be on a steak sandwich. It was very tough and I ended up taking it off the sandwich after two bites and just eating the bread with the salad.

Highlight: The venue decor. It is impressive. They have done the interior very well and it is definitely above standard.

Lowpoint: The food.

Overall, disappointment plus. Will not return.

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