Seasonal Offerings @ Temporada, Canberra CBD, ACT

A and I ventured to Temporada with the Canberra Dinner Club, which is organised by the lovely Erin from Canberra blog, Mouthless Mutters. On the night, there were a group of eight of us, including Leigh and Sonja, who have excellent twitter accounts which I recommend following.

Since being in Canberra, I’ve found it interesting to learn more about the food scene in Canberra. On the night, I was filled in by Erin that Temporada was opened by Ben Willis and Chris Darragh, both from Aubergine. Seeing as though I’ve heard fantastic things about the food at Aubergine, I was excited to see what Temporada would offer.

The menu at Temporada is seasonal, hence the name (‘temporada’ meaning seasonal in Spanish) and the majority of items can easily be shared between the table. Evenso, A and I decided to order our own plates as my two selections didn’t seem shareable.

To start with, I ordered the beef short rib roll with fermented cucumber and horseradish mayo ($9). I love most things in buns – and this didn’t disappoint. The short rib was cooked medium rare and the bun was soft and fresh. The winning factor for me though was the horseradish mayo – it had a lovely kick of horseradish but it added flavour and didn’t overpower the roll. I’d love to return to Temporada and just order three of these delicious little buns – they are fantastic (and definitely unshareable!)

beef short rib roll with fermented cucumber and horseradish mayo

A started with the duck parfait with fig jam ($15), and she had a similar experience to me – she thought the duck parfait was fantastic. A also loved the chargrilled bread, which added another flavour to the dish.

duck parfait with fig jam

As Sonja is vegan, she left the ordering mainly to the chefs. Her starter was the wood-fired shishito peppers ($13), which reminded me of the Catalan dish of Pimientos del Padrón – fried green peppers. Sonja enjoyed her starter but for me, a whole plate of that would’ve been too much. This dish is possibly better to order as a share plate unless you really love your peppers!

wood-fired shishito peppers

For my main, I ordered the spatchcock with Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom gratin and roasted corn ($28), as I couldn’t go past the promise of artichokes in a gratin. Overall, I enjoyed this dish but I did find that the flavours amalgamated together a little too much, leaving not too much room for my tastebuds to become excited. The spatchcock was cooked excellently and the gratin held its texture well, however I was slightly disappointed it didn’t ‘wow’ me more.

spatchcock with Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom gratin and roasted corn

A ordered the grilled lamb ribs, spiced eggplant and lemon dressing ($33). A highly recommends ordering this dish between two, as it was a very large serving of ribs for one person. However she states that it’s a ‘must order’ dish as the flavours were fantastic.

grilled lamb ribs, spiced eggplant and lemon dressing

Some of the others on the table decided to order dessert, however A and I opted to skip it. Erin and Leigh ordered the salted caramel donuts with banana ice cream and marshmallow ($16), which they both really enjoyed.

salted caramel donuts, banana ice cream and marshmallow

Temporada offers something new for Canberra – seasonal, high-quality food available in a relaxed bar and dining atmosphere. I loved that they catered for Sonja with ease and the waitstaff on the night were knowledgeable and friendly.

It was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed the food, ambience and company on the night. I highly recommend heading along to one of the dinners organised by Canberra Dinner Club, especially if you are interested in meeting fellow Canberra foodies.

Highly recommended.
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