Simplistic, Tasty Food @ Boucla Kafenion, Subiaco, W.A.

Rain or shine, my usual Saturday morning routine is to head to Subi Farmers Market for our weekly fruit and veg shop. I normally head there alone, as A will often be doing some sort of sporting activity. A few weeks back, A and I were heading to the market together, but decided to make a quick breakfast stop somewhere in Subiaco beforehand. I was driving down Rokeby Street while A researched cafés on Urbanspoon, when she soon directed me to Boucla Kaferion, located a bit further up Rokeby Road.

Boucla Kafenion is a Greek influenced café, which is quite small in size. There are only a few tables inside and out, but we were lucky enough to snag the last table available, which was outside on the pavement. We quickly sat down and looked around for a menu but realised there were no hardcopy menus available. Instead, the menu is plastered on a board inside over the till area. I made my decision quickly – a BLT with Avocado and Aoili ($14), and A ordered the Scrambled Eggs ($9.50) with a side of Avocado. Two takeaway coffees were also ordered.

Our coffees were quick to arrive and were a bit weaker than we prefer, as they tasted as if they only had a single shot of coffee. Regardless, the coffee was made really nicely and we still felt content afterwards. An added bonus is that Boucla uses Fiori coffeebeans.

The food arrived soon after and at first I thought my BLT looked quite simple. However, on first taste it was anything but – there was a lot of flavour evident, thanks to the garlic-tasting aoili, well-cooked bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato and avocado which were all seasoned well. A simple-looking breakfast dish that was really tasty and filling.

A’s scrambled eggs were also well-received. She said they were creamy but she wished she asked for another side to add a bit more flavour to her dish.

We left Boucla Kafenion quite content. We didn’t pay an exorbitant amount for breakfast ($33 in total) but still had a very fulfilling and tasty breakfast. We will definitely return and recommend it for a lazy Weekday or Saturday lunch (as Boucla is closed on Sundays!)

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    • perthfoodjournal says

      I will definitely try some on my next visit. My mum use to make those too and then cover them with rose-water syrup and icing sugar – they are my favourite treats! YUM!

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