Strong Coffee @ Pony Express O, West Perth, W.A.

I remember reading about Pony Express O a few years ago during a flight from Perth to Sydney. There was a small article in the Qantas inflight magazine about one of the most expensive coffee machines being purchased for a small coffee bar in Perth. The name ‘Pony Express O’ stuck with me afterwards, but it wasn’t for a few years that I had my first experience at Pony Express O.

Pony Express O is located in a small converted stable on Mayfair Street in West Perth. There’s a little outdoor undercover area  which features astro-turf and the decor inside is really funky. There’s no food offered as it’s all about the coffee – however customers are welcome to bring their own food and eat it in-house while sipping a Pony Express O coffee.

There are two coffee machines at Pony Express O – one especially used for espresso coffee (or coffee served without milk) and the second is used for coffee that is served with milk. Pony Express O uses Crema coffee beans and you can definitely tell that it is a strong blend (which I prefer) and the coffee is hardly ever bitter.

I recommend bringing the correct change with you ($4), as Pony Express O only accepts cash and payment is made via a chute on the coffee machine counter. If you require change, beware of hot coins as the change bucket is kept on top of the coffee machine.

I really like Pony Express O and definitely recommend it to those who prefer their coffees strong!

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