Surburban Gem @ Sweet Java, Mount Lawley, W.A.

When A and I first began seeing each other, she tried to take me to Sweet Java for dinner. Instead, we spent 20 minutes driving around the suburban streets of Mt Lawley, trying to stumble upon the restaurant that she couldn’t remember the name or location of, but served excellent Indonesian food. After a while, we stopped searching and went elsewhere, however for the two and a half years after, I was still intrigued to know which restaurant she meant to take me to.

Luckily, she remembered a few years later and we found ourselves there on a Saturday evening. Sweet Java is nestled on the corner of Grosvenor Road and Hyde street in Mt Lawley and is a quaint little suburban restaurant. It is run by a husband and wife team – the husband mans the front of house while the wife cooks out back. The menu is simplistic, with no desserts or entrees on the menu, but features typical Indonesian fare.

On the night we went, I had difficulty deciding what to order as it all sounded really good. I finally decided to order the Nasi Goreng with egg ($18), while A ordered the Rendang Curry ($18). Both dishes were served with prawn crackers, peanuts, anchovies and cucumber.

I enjoyed my Nasi Goreng, which had lots of ingredients in it, however I enjoyed A’s rendang curry moreso! My fork found its way over to her plate on more than one occasion and finally she couldn’t eat anymore so I was left to finish it. The rendang curry had a perfect amount of spiciness, with the meat tender and the rice fluffy.

My Nasi Goreng came with chicken skewers and a hot satay sauce. The chicken pieces were also really tender and definitely added an extra bit of flavour to the huge plate of fried rice. I loved that both dishes came with prawn crackers, peanuts, anchovies and cucumber, which added more elements of flavour to both dishes.

Apart from the excellent food, there are a few added bonuses to Sweet Java. The restaurant is really relaxed, with only two people serving the handful of tables on the night we went. Another bonus is that there is no corkage charge for BYO.

I really liked our evening at Sweet Java. I highly recommend ordering the Beef Rendang and bringing a bottle of wine with you, as Sweet Java doesn’t offer any to purchase. The restaurant only accepts cash – so don’t forget to bring some with you!

*Unfortunately there are no photos of our meals due to the soft lighting in the restaurant.

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