Terrific Thai @ Plenty, Perth CBD, W.A.

In the Shafto Lane, right next to Burger Bistro, sits Plenty, a Thai restaurant that serves excellent food. On a Saturday afternoon a few weeks back, A and I journeyed into the CBD for a bit of lunch and some R&R (aka shopping). It was A’s suggestion that we head to Plenty, as she had recently tried it for a weekday lunch. Supposedly, weekday lunches are quite popular at Plenty, with a large line forming outside. A had said that it was an excellent, inexpensive lunch that has made her a fan of Plenty.

Plenty provides you with plenty of options, with offerings of entrees, soups, salads, stirfrys, noodles and rice dishes. Regardless, A and I ordered a few of our favourites to share. For our lunch, we ordered a serving of the Thod Mun Pla (Thai Fish Cakes) ($6), Yum Pla Muek (Squid Spicy Salad) ($15.00) and the Chicken Pad Thai ($12.50).

The Thai Fish Cakes arrived first. They were served with crushed roasted peanuts on sweet chili sauce. The Thai fish cakes had a huge amount of flavour and tasted like they were freshly made. They were lightly fried and had a crispy shell. The chilli dipping sauce was also really nice and went perfectly with the Thai fish cakes. A winning start.

The Squid Spicy Salad came with onion, tomato, coriander, chilli and lime. It was a really nice salad that had a lot of punch, thanks to the chilli. The squid was cooked really well and wasn’t too chewy. The salad was so colourful when it arrived, with lots of red and green, plus the purple of the red onion. I found it quite pretty, plus I loved the flavour of it. Another excellent dish.

I love the simplicity of Pad Thai, which is probably why I order this dish so often. This version was not too sweet and there was a lot of chicken throughout the dish. The bean sprouts were fresh and I particularly liked that the noodles didn’t taste gluggy or dry. A lovely version of classic Thai dish.

I really enjoyed our lunch at Plenty. The service was really friendly, the food was excellent and I really liked the funky decor. It was a very inexpensive lunch of $33. A is now a huge fan of Plenty, calling it one of her favourite Thai restaurants in Perth.

Highly recommended.

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