The Perfect Bacon and Egg Burger @ The Red Panda Cafe, Bridgetown, W.A.

Earlier in August, A and I had a romantic trip away to Foragers in Pemberton. On our way home, we had planned to stop at The Barking Cow in Bridgetown, which we’ve heard serves an excellent breakfast. Unfortunately, due to our lack of research, we arrived to find The Barking Cow closed. We decided to venture down the road to The Red Panda Cafe instead, as it seemed to be the only cafe open in town and it looked very busy. We were then told that both of these restaurants are owned by the same family.

We were both in desperate need of a coffee, so we ordered two macchiato’s, topped up with milk. The coffee was made with Yallingup Coffee beans and it was a strong coffee but unfortunately it was a little too hot for my liking.

For breakfast, I ordered the Bacon and Egg Burger ($10.50) and A ordered the Banana Bread ($6). My Bacon and Egg Burger was quite large in size and when I pulled the toothpick out of the burger, the yolk was gooey and ended up all over my plate. This was an excellent start to the burger, as I knew the egg wouldn’t be overcooked (like some eggs can be if they are made to be placed on a burger). The bacon was also cooked really well, with a little bit of crunch but it wasn’t too tough. The bread was really soft and there was a perfect amount of BBQ sauce. All in all, this was a very good bacon and egg burger and it had no faults!

A’s banana bread was very large in size and she mentioned that she enjoyed the nutty flavour. also was also very content with her choice.

The Red Panda Cafe offers free wifi and a seriously delicious breakfast. It was also a ridiculously cheap breakfast as it only totalled $24.40. I would definitely recommend a stop at The Red Panda Cafe when you are next in Bridgetown.

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