The Perfect Local Bakery @ New Norcia Bakeries, Mount Hawthorn, W.A.

A and I are pretty lucky to have New Norcia as our local bakery. We especially love their fruit bread and baked goodies, such as croissants, cakes and quiches. During our Christmas break, A and I headed to New Norcia for lunch, as I’ve been wanting to dine in for while.

It was a particularly hot day and both of us were craving a second coffee. For our lunch, I ordered the tapas special (three small dishes of your choice) ($16.50) and A ordered the Spanish Omelette ($14.50).

Our coffees came out reasonably quickly and they were both quite good. New Norcia uses Five Senses coffee beans, which A and I find quite light in taste in comparison to our usual favourite (Fiori). However, the coffees were both made well on this occasion.  In the past, we have found that takeaway coffee at New Norcia can be a little ‘hit and miss’ at times, but recently the coffees have been getting a lot better.

My Cappuccino

Our coffees were finished and we were left waiting for our food. After about 15 minutes, the table next to us got their food before we did and they ordered about 10 minutes after us. When I asked the waitress if our food was on its way, she apologised and checked with the chef. She returned and apologised again and said that the chef had been a little busier than usual but it wouldn’t be too much longer. We were offered another set of coffees on the house, which was a nice gesture. We both said no to the extra coffees but did request for some ice to go with our water. She was quite sweet about the whole issue and it made it easier for us to wait, knowing that they knew about the issue and were trying to rectify it quickly.

When the food came out it looked really good and there seemed to be a huge mountain of food on our plates. A’s Spanish Omelette came with chicken, bacon, roast capsicum, spinach and cheese and was served with salad greens. The omelette was high in stature and was layered with all the different ingredients. A said she really enjoyed this dish and would order it again.

Spanish Omelette

The Tapas special allows you to pick three small plates out of six offerings. I chose the Housemade Lasagne, Crumbed Mushrooms and Stilton with Lemon Mayo as well as the Bacon, Spinach and Feta Frittata. My favourite of the three was the crumbed mushrooms and lemon mayo. The mushrooms were coated in a light crumb, but were still juicy at the bite. The lasagne was piping hot when it arrived but it didn’t deter me from eating it quickly. The lasagne was an even mix of meat, pasta sheets and béchamel sauce. It was great tasting but I would’ve liked a bit more seasoning (personal preference though!). The plate came with a selection of bread, VOO and balsamic, which was a lovely accompaniment. I especially liked it as I was able to try New Norcia’s olive bread (which is particularly good by the way!)

Tapas Plate

You don’t have to dine in to enjoy New Norcia. This dining experience was my first at New Norcia but the bakery next door is a staple for A and I. We often head down for a takeaway coffee and to pick up some baked treats. I recommend any of New Norcia’s breads. New Norcia Bakeries do an awesome sourdough fruit bread and offer a huge range of sourdough breads, plus french baguettes and ciabatta. I especially like heading to the Mount Hawthorn New Norcia after work sometimes if I don’t feel like cooking or eating out. New Norcia offer freshly made housemade lasagne and little pizzas for takeaway purposes. They are easy to reheat and perfect for a lazy night after work. A and I are particularly in love with their flans and quiches, which come in all different flavours and seem to continuously change. It’s important to note that it is best for you to order your flan or quiche of choice, as they sell out quickly.

The Mount Hawthorn New Norcia Bakery also does awesome desserts and sweet pastries. Every Christmas I head down to New Norcia to buy Mince Pies for A, as New Norcia is her favourite place to buy mince pies. Over Christmas we bought more than a dozen of these for the family and A assures me that these are really good (I can’t comment as I don’t eat MInce pies).

A box of (mince pie) goodies!

However, I do eat chocolate and pastries and I can assure you all that their pastries are great in taste. I especially love their little chocolate cupcakes…

… and their sticky date puddings.

I really recommend trying any of the food available at New Norcia Bakeries. You won’t be disappointed if you enjoy freshly made, hearty food with lots of flavour and textures.

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