Winning Traits @ Two Before Ten, Canberra City, ACT

I’m particularly fussy with coffee, as I try to only have one cup a day. In this one cup, I like a double shot of coffee, silky milk and a little bit of chocolate. When I was at uni I worked in hospitality and was trained as a barista – now I have a coffee machine at home and enjoy making my own coffee to avoid disappointment. In all seriousness – a bad coffee can hinder my day.

When I was living in Perth, I usually sourced my coffee beans from Ingredient Tree in Wembley, as I love Genovese coffee. Since being in Canberra, I’ve been trying to research the local coffee beans to buy locally, which led me to trying Two Before Ten in the Canberra CBD.

Two Before Ten in the Canberra CBD

Two Before Ten is a café and coffee roaster, which is passionate about coffee. There are a few different versions of house roasted coffee, including a Black Blend (55% Limu Kossa from Ethiopia and 45% san Emilio from El Salvador), House Blend (54% Formosa Moreninha from Brazil, 23% Limu Kossa from Ethiopia and 23% Sipangan Bolon from Sumatra), and a single origin, from Ethopia which supposedly has delicate, sweet notes of raspberry. Depending on the type of coffee you drink, Two Before Ten select the appropriate bean for your coffee. I love this idea, as it shows Two Before Ten’s quest to provide their patrons a fantastic coffee.

A and I met our friend M (previously mentioned in my posts on Autolyse and Pizza Gusto) at Two Before Ten a few weeks ago to try their coffee. We all ordered a different coffee – A ordered a Flat White, M ordered a skim, double shot piccolo and I ordered my usual cappuccino.

Cappuccino at Two Before Ten

Cappuccino at Two Before Ten

It took a while for our coffees to arrive, which was just before the food. When they arrived, we all noted that they arrived lukewarm, which is not a trait any of us enjoy in our coffees. A and I kept our coffee, whereas M asked for another. The staff at Two Before Ten were understanding and supplied M with a second version, which was served hot.

Skim, double shot piccolo at Two Before Ten

Skim, double shot piccolo at Two Before Ten

Even though the coffees were lukewarm, we enjoyed the taste of the coffee beans. So much so that we ordered a 250g bag of their house blend coffee beans at the end of our brunch so I could make our own coffee at home. These beans were fantastic and I’ll be heading down again soon to grab another.

For our food, A choose the daily special – Beans and smoked hog stew with sourdough ($13). She loved it and gave it her highest recommendation.

Beans and smoked hog stew with sourdough

M and I ordered one of the toasties they have on offer, with roasted free range chicken, avocado, provolone cheese and aioli on sourdough ($11.50) We both enjoyed our toastie, with the provolone cheese being the highlight for both of us. I think I’ll order the Bacon, egg, house BBQ sauce, gruyere on sourdough toastie on my next visit. Sounds perfect!

roasted free range chicken, avocado, provolone cheese and aioli on sourdough  toastie

At the end of our brunch, we were left smitten with Two Before Ten. The simplicity of their menu, the affordability of their food plus the house-roasted coffee were its winning traits. Oh, and I also love the fact that they grow some of the fresh produce used.

Highly recommended.
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