Yummy Burgers @ Flipside, Wembley, W.A.

My favourite type of ‘Dude Food’ (a Melbourne term which describes food that can be eaten without cutlery) are burgers. I seem to seek them out when I’m feeling particularly gluttonous – last Sunday was one of those days. A and I had just finished cleaning the house when I popped the question to her, “Wanna go for a burger?”

We headed to Flipside in Wembley. We’d been there a while ago and I remembered the burgers to be really good. When we arrived, the sun was out and the interior of Flipside was bright and warm. Flipside was quiet and we decided to sit at the newly available outside table. The Wembley version of Flipside (as there is also the original North Freo outlet) has been open since 2008, a little before the Jus Burgers and Grill’d chains opened around Perth. They use 100% WA lean beef, free range chicken breast and freshly baked ciabatta rolls (plus they also have a gluten-free option for those with diet restrictions).

On this occasion, A and I both ordered burgers that we wouldn’t typically order. I ordered the Taxi C.A.B ($13.50), which came with Free range chicken breast, fresh avocado, crispy bacon, salad, red onion, tomato relish and mayo, whereas A ordered the Garden Party ($11.50), which came with a Spicy chickpea and sweet potato patty, beetroot slices, tasty cheese, salad, tomato relish and mayo. I also persuaded A to share a serving of small chips ($3.50).

It didn’t take long for our burgers to arrive and both of them looked great. They were large in size, both height and width wise. I really enjoyed my Taxi C.A.B – the bread was lightly toasted and was really soft and light to eat. There was also lots of avocado and tomato relish on my burger, which added a lot of flavour. Also, the chicken and bacon was a winning combination, with the chicken being prominent in size and the bacon was really crispy. The salad elements (iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and red onion) were all really fresh. I really liked the large amount of iceberg lettuce on my burger, as it added a bit of crunch. I’ve been thinking about this burger since I had it and I can’t wait for my next Taxi C.A.B!

A enjoyed her Garden Party burger and said that the spicy chickpea and sweet potato patty was flavoursome and went well with the beetroot. Like mine, the salad elements were fresh and the bun was light and soft. Her only criticism was that her burger felt a little bit sloppy to eat. Regardless, she really liked it and said that she’d return again soon.

The thick-cut chips were golden in colour and really crunchy. They were also perfectly salted and the small size was a perfect amount to share between A and I. Flipside also gives you the option of ordering dipping sauces ($1 each) to dunk your chips in, including aioli, tomato relish and sweet chilli mayo.

I will definitely return in the near future and I’m looking forward to trying Flipside’s Q.V.B burger (Prime beef, crispy bacon, tasty cheddar cheese, free range egg, beetroot slices, salad, tomato relish & mayo) or the Pear and Parmesan burger (Free range chicken breast, fresh pear, parmesan cheese, rocket salad, tomato relish & mayo). I also find the prices reasonable, the ingredients fresh and the food delicious.

Highly recommended.
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