Yummy, Healthy Food @ The Healthy Choice Café, Victoria Park, W.A.

I’m pretty lucky to love the taste of healthy food. I know so many people who dislike salads and/or vegetables. However, healthy food isn’t just salads and veggies and it also doesn’t have to be bland and unappetising. Healthy Choice Café has worked this model and produces tasty, simple, healthy food for a reasonable price.

My bestie B and I have been wanting to try this café out for months now and we finally got the opportunity a few weeks back. The place is quite small inside but it’s also quite cosy. There is a double sided food menu which also lists the options for gluten free, diabetic, vegan and dairy free options for those patrons who have dietary restrictions. The drink menu is also double sided and features freshly made juices and smoothies (and also provides a small description of the health benefits for each drink). As always, it took B and I a while to order as we have issues making food decisions however I finally decided to order the Nutty Nanachoc Smoothie ($6.99) to start with, whereas B ordered the Tropical Smoothie ($7.99). For our food, I decided to order The Works breakfast special ($16.95) which allows you to choose 5 food options out of a list of 15. I chose scrambled eggs, avocado, chilli beans, mushrooms and bacon. B ordered the Grilled Fish Soft Tacos with tomato and avocado salsa and salad ($12.95). We also ordered a side of Bubble and Squeak, as B was surprised to hear that I didn’t actually know what it was before our journey to Healthy Choice Café.

The first things to arrive were our drinks. B’s tropical smoothie was a pretty purple in colour and tasted really nice and refreshing. It was made with banana, mango, coconut milk, lime juice and honey and amazingly each individual flavour was evident. However, both of us were completely in love with my choice – the Nutty Nanachoc Smoothie which was made with banana, peanut butter, milo and skim milk. An interesting combination however it is pure genius. It tasted rich but also quite refreshing as well. It was thick and full of flavour. An amazing smoothie that I am now trying to replicate at home (however it doesn’t quite taste the same unfortunately!)

Nutty Nanachoc Smoothie (back) & Tropical Smoothie (front)

Our food soon followed suit and was simple in presentation. I was keen to try the bubble and squeak which was an interesting concept for a Middle Eastern girl like me. It was a lovely mix of potatoes, carrots and other bits of veggies thrown together and fried with a bit of onion.

My breakfast meal was really good. I really liked the chilli beans which were lovely in flavour and had a little bite to them. The eggs, bacon and mushrooms were cooked nicely and the avocado was fresh as well. It was a really nicely sized portion-controlled serving which didn’t allow you to overeat (which is a good thing in my books!)

B said that her Grilled Fish Soft Tacos with tomato and avocado salsa and salad was a bit understated and didn’t have much flavour to it. There also wasn’t too much salsa or salad served with it, as it seemingly states on the menu.

After lunch, we decided to share a Banana Split which was a bargain $5. It was quick to arrive and was again a lovely portion controlled serving. The Banana Split came with banana, apple, strawberries, lite ice-cream, walnuts and a tiny bit of cream on top. It was a great combination that was fresh and tasty.

Healthy Choice Café provides tasty, simplistic food that is also really healthy. The bonus is that if you have dietary restrictions, Healthy Choice Café provides a lot of options for you. A huge recommendation from both B and I as we absolutely loved this little place (another bonus is that it is still unknown so a little bit quiet – a perfect place for a casual, long lunch between two).

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